Miss Indian American

Okay, so I’ll get right to the point. Really America? Not the country itself, but the self-proclaimed “forward” thinking people who so fearlessly used twitter and other social media outlets to lash out anonymously against another child of this country. America is NOT for white people only. America is for IMMIGRANTS. America is a country built FOR immigrants BY immigrants. This country was not built with one race, ethnicity, or gender in mind; it was built as a refuge or all those who were unable to be themselves elsewhere.

Don’t believe me? Read the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution which gives FULL U.S. citizenship and thus rights to a person born on U.S. soil or naturalized by the federal government. Yes, that means if you were born here in this country or were naturalized by the government, you too are an AMERICAN. The Constitution is not race specific, it is not ethnicity specific, and it is not gender specific.  All can revel in the sheer brilliance and Utopian ideology of our forefathers. 


I am specifically talking about the historical and monumental decision to crown the very first Indian-American Miss America, Nina Davuluri. I do understand that it was not necessarily the majority of the populous of that indulged in racist, demeaning, and disgusting behavior. However, it’s logical to assume younger generations use social media outlets. It’s also safe to assume those young people grew up in progressive times and boast progressive ideals. Ergo, it’s UNACCEPTABLE for the country’s young people to be filled with such hatred and use anonymous social media outlets to spew hate.


I am Indian. I am also American. I don’t believe that being Indian makes me less of an American or vice versa. For me a huge part of the beauty of Ms. Davuluri’s victory is that America has progressed to the point where diversity can be openly celebrated. I also personally believe that Ms. Kansas was highly qualified and should have been a top contender. If she would have won…I would have been really happy. So would have social media outlets. There would be a fraction of the backlash, if even that. By focusing on Nina Davuluri’s SKIN COLOR, people tried to take away from her victory and make it a race issue. Miss America is about celebrating diversity and the achievement of women in this country.

Maybe I’m just using social media to express myself as those people did…The difference is between using hate or love as a platform. I may have even offended some people. If so, I apologize. It was totally unintentional. Please leave comments as I’d love to have some real dialogue about this topic. If I see hate I will delete it and report you, so please keep the hate outta here!