For all the Curious Souls

meI absolutely adore the sound of laughter and am therefore constantly saying and doing things to make people laugh. I would shrivel up and cease to exist without my fix of Häagen Dazs Caramel Cone ice cream Inanimate objects have a bad habit of getting in my way. My love for India, England, my culture, and Bollywood burns brightly in my heart like an eternal Diwali.

I’m a 26 year young stay-at-home mum with a newborn. My reason to wake every morning lies with my beautiful daughter and awesome husband. I also have a best friend in my lovable and innocent Pointer who has been with me since I moved to the land of OZ. I’ve got plenty of articles, poetry, and general ramblings in this blog, but I plan to personalize it quite a bit and give my experiences as a mum, wife, and woman in this day and age.

Until next time.




21 thoughts on “For all the Curious Souls

  1. heya, thanks for the comment. I have not touched the website in a while. Yours is quite interesting too!

    Hopefully ill get back to it someday. STAY CLASSY!

  2. Nice to read all your posts…..Honestly I did like some of your posts..
    and find uncomfortable on one about the indians classification…..:)
    But kindling the emotion of the readers is not an easy job to do…

    keep up the good work….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If its open to all ……….i will find some time to see your website…..

  3. Hi, its good to know that such passion is present in a hip and happening girl like you. I’d love for you to check out my attempts at poetry on my blog and provide me with your feedback when you get time. Keep up the good work!

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