Mr. Sandman Send Me Some Sleep!

I am so tired. SO unbelievably tired. My little rani has been sleeping like a one month old for the past few weeks. She wakes up about every hour or hour and a half at night. I’ve done some reading ( and what I’ve read states that babies go through sleep regressions and growth spurts in the first year of life. Currently, my little bundle of joy is experiencing both. What does that mean you ask? Well let me tell you…basically it means mum and dad don’t sleep. From what I’ve read, as babies grow and their senses develop, they get overwhelmed by all the information flooding their systems. As my little girl is unable to tell me she’s unhappy by all this, she has become fussy, restless, and has interrupted sleep…it would be hilarious if it was someone else…not so much as it’s me.

The last week has almost been a blur due to lack of sleep. The cherry on top of this awesome time is that one of our dogs Aussie isn’t well. He’s got a torn paw pad and an infection to boot. He’s been hopping around on three paws (keeping the fourth off the ground), and has desperately needed my husband during this time. He’s my husband’s dog after all, and boy he’s not afraid to show us how much love and attention he needs. Between the two of us and the two of them, we’ve been stretched like slinky thrown down the stairs.

As chaotic as things have been…I still wouldn’t trade our family for the world. This chaos and unpredictability, is beautiful in a way. I say this because it makes domestic life fun and interesting. Besides who wants things to be perfect all the time? The best memories often come from the craziest of times in our lives. I’m sure this will make a great story for my daughter one day!


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