Darwin & Mozart Take Over the World

Sometimes I have the urge to write, the emotions to write, the insistent itch in my fingers to get the thoughts out of my mind, soul, and body and on to paper..or e-paper in this case. The problem lies in the fact that sometimes those words are not ripe enough to be plucked from my mind, harvested in my thoughts, and then be distributed across the internet for whomever to read. Writing often feels like a sales pitch, especially when writing for someone to read. In essence it is.

Why you ask? I shall tell you.

It’s a sales pitch because you want the reader to relate to your words, disagree with them, be enraged by them, find them to be a soothing balm in their otherwise painful life, or elicit a giggle from them. One writes to evoke any type of emotion from the reader. One writes because it is an outlet for emotions; the keyboard is a palette and the words colors.

Music has that same effect on people. Music can transport you to a time and a place deep in the boroughs of your heart. Music can entice emotions and scents once forgotten. Music can force the heart to beat and blood to violently pump through the veins in rage. Music can calm a raging tempest, bring empires to its knees, rally a generation to fight back, and even bare ones fiercest kept secret; their soul.

Together, words and music can placate nations or be used as a weapon. It depends solely on how one chooses to use their words and music. For lack of better words, for good or for evil. It may not be as black and white as I have made it out to be, but my words are used in such a way, that the idea seems possible to some. The gravity of truly understanding the effect words and music have on people and to continue to use them to influence others is comparable to the red pill of the matrix. Once you have seen its potential, it’s impossible to walk away from it. 

For me, words became a source to connect with people. I didn’t realize their true potential OR what I could do with them until I wrote “Burgers and Chai”. (https://brownie26.wordpress.com/2010/11/01/burgers-chai/). That ONE post changed EVERYTHING. No longer was I just an 22 year old woman, I was now one more voice vying to be heard through the white noise of life. One more voice trying to share my story. One more voice that was heard.

Music and words alike are mesmerizing, beautiful, intangible masterpieces. Not only for what you read or hear, but more importantly their effects. Those two sublime forms of expressions can literally shape a person. The implications of that are phenomenal and awesome.

Think on that. I know I will.


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