It’s Getting Personal.

I know I know I know. I slacked. Not like a little bit, but truly a horrendous amount. I haven’t written anything since 2011. Well you know what? It’s because a dog ate my computer. A tornado blew my passwords away. A monkey told me blogging was evil. I got busy with City Year. I was too tired to write. I didn’t have anything good to write about. I was without motivation. I….those are all terrible and tired excuses.

Truth is, I just didn’t think it was that important anymore to write. I had a muse, if you will, that inspired some amazing thoughts in my head…once that muse as gone…well I associated my writing, my blog, with that muse and it brought on painful memories.

Sidenote: You’ll notice that this is probably one of the rare times that I am talking about myself in my blog. I’ve tried all this time to not get personal, to leave ME out of my blog, but I think you’ll see a little of that changing.

Back to business, SO what have I been doing for almost two years?

I was in City Year. The best decision of my life. I met incredible people, I worked in a diverse environment, I was surrounded by positivity, compassion, tolerance, and IDEAS. I thought I was going to move to San Antonio, work in an at-risk school with underprivileged kids and change their lives. I was wrong. They changed mine.

Whilst pulling twelve hour days, often 8 days a week, I was planning for my wedding. Yes, I got married. How time flies and things happen. I moved from sunny, beautiful, perfect, bustling Houston to Kansas City, MO. Was it worth it? Hell yes. Do I hate the winters? Boy, do I ever.

My wonderful husband and I were having a very candid conversation last night, and he asked me why I looked so unhappy. I commented that since moving, I hadn’t really found something I could put all my energy and stress into. I have began crafting, and below is the result of one of my recent endeavors.


This is a thrift store table that I refinished and painted.

Anyways, he questioned me on why I didn’t write anymore, and I just gave him excuses…but the truth is…writing has always been my release. The only way I know how to get emotions out of my body and soul, is to write them down, put them somewhere, and let go of whatever it is I am feeling.

Et voila! Je suis ici!

I am going to challenge myself to really commit back to one of my true loves this year! Wish me luck, and I hope you’ll support me on this journey.

Until next time, you stay classy San Diego.


7 thoughts on “It’s Getting Personal.

  1. Oh wow. My whole comment got erased because I didn’t login and submit!

    Time to re-write it, even though I wrote it a few hours back.

    Well, It’s great to see that you’re back! I actually don’t even read blogs, but I do follow yours and yes you totally gotta make up for not writing for so long!!

    I think it’s pretty cool that your posts will be getting a bit more personal, and I’m sure it’ll help you in feeling better/getting your emotions out as well. But wow eh! Congrats on the wedding!

    Are you loving the snow? I’m Canadian and I truly do love the Winter, well honestly, I just like changes in the seasons. It’s wonderful to have four real seasons- don’t you think? 🙂

  2. Well in that case, I am truly flattered! I really appreciate you having a look at my work and giving me your honest opinion.

    I think I enjoy the concept of winter more than the actual season. I love watching snow fall and playing in it for a bit, but the cold that accompanies it…not so much. I think I will forever be a summer girl due to growing up in Houston. =)

    • I guess you’re most comfortable with whatever you grow up in. Snowstorms and blizzards were pretty common when I grew up here in Toronto but we don’t see them as much anymore.

      How hot does it get in Houston? I went to Ahmedabad, India for Graduate Exchange and the heat was unbearable for me! I did end up staying and eventually got used to it, but it was quite difficult.

      • I agree. I can take summer thunderstorms, humidity, and droughts no problem…but put me in a blizzard and I have not a clue what to do.

        Generally it gets as hot as India does in the summer. Humidity and all. I quite like Ahmedabad, but I generally stay in Baroda when I visit.

        How did you like India? Visit Often?

  3. I went on MBA Exchange to IIM-Ahmedabad (heard of it?). It was the best experience that I’ve ever had, there were about 80 or so of us on exchange from all around the world (mostly Europe). I was culture-shocked for the first few days (I had an incredibly hard time adjusting to the heat+humidity), to the point where I almost wanted to cry. I was willing to shell out money to buy an AC but it was not allowed. Put me in -30 degrees celcius and I’ll be fine but +40-50 with insane humidity? NO!!! I totally miss it, I was there from September-late December.

    I do visit India here and there, but I mostly stay in New Delhi (my family owns and operates a few hotels there). This was the first time I stayed for more than two weeks, and it was simply awesome going to all places- I did not travel within Gujarat much, we went mostly around Rajasthan and other places. Udaipur was my favourite for sure. I also got to visit Thailand before returning home 🙂 I also have a lot of friends in Spain, France and Germany now (an excuse to go there). One of the Germans had done a previous exchange in Kansas during high school. We all made fun of her for picking Kansas City though. No offense 🙂

    • I haven’t heard of it, but it sounds like an amazing exchange. The first time I visited India (of which I can remember) was a culture shock for me as well. Especially since I came in through Mumbai at the time. Every time I have been back has been straight into the dead of summer June-August). Can you imagine?!

      I’ve visited Rajasthan and Udaipur. I generally remember my trips by a series of pilgrimages to different mandirs. My absolute favorite parts of my time spent in India.

      Europe is a great place to visit…their art, history, culture, and lifestyle is superb!

      Haha, no offense taken…I still routinely bash on Kansas City as I am not a native, and do not want to be mistaken as one. Die hard Londoner/Houstonian till I die. =)

  4. IIM-A is the hardest business school in the world to get into (I was on exchange, so I cannot brag and say I actually went/got in there). I have still not been to Mumbai, I almost went for the Swedish House Mafia Concert while I was in India but decided against it (thankfully, it was cancelled).

    Rajasthan is beautiful. I didn’t get to visit all the awesome cities there but I loved my experience there. Europe is great too, I’ve only been to Spain and London though. I did not like London much, I also got asthma from visiting London (weird I know!). We often bash on London in my family, both of my sisters studied there and my brother-in-law who just recently moved to Canada is from there. Otherwise, I’m now seeking a job which will allow me to travel to Europe often- which has mostly consisted of applying to German companies. No luck though :/

    I have not been to Texas though! Wait, do you have that cool accent? haha.

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