Review: City Lights

I check the clock…5:36 pm…then I do a double take. This cannot be possible. I have been jamming in my tattered maroon Oxford University jumper for 2 hours now? To the exact same set of music on repeat? Preposterous. Or is it?

“I stunt, I ball, boy I do it all.”

Listening to City Lights for the umpteenth time , I would have to wholeheartedly concur with those words.

This mixtape has serious swagger. That is not my opinion, that is a fact of life. Every.single.track has its own unique flair and beat. Just when you think you know where the artist is going with his message, Rated-R throws you a colossal curve ball that has you second guessing everything you thought you knew about him.

From the dynamic and humbling introduction to the smooth and stylish outro, the artist does a phenomenal job of taking his listeners on a soulful, sexy, and hip ride. The kind of ride that has you begging for more and has to be taken multiple times for the full effects to be absorbed. Rated-R’s City Lights seamlessly balances sultry tunes with unfeigned and honest pieces that quickly alert the listener that there is more to this young artist than meets the eye.

The tracks that stuck out to me the most include: Sunday, How I Do It, No More ft. Iten, and Not Yours. To me, they are the very embodiment of the balance that makes City Lights incredibly unique and undeniably unforgettable. Not only do the lyrics have a harmony between being meaningful and provocative, they also include beats that are to die for. Each track had me bumpin’ and grindin’ in my seat, but also held the ability to bring me back down to a more calm state of mind with its symmetry. Drake’s influence on the artist’s style is noteworthy, via the subtle tribute in Ride It ft. Real T, TYC:

“She fancy yeah, she fancy yeah”

City Lights has become an instant favorite in my book, and I cannot wait to hear more from this clearly talented and ambitious young artist. Mad props to you Rated-R; stay true to yourself and you’ll continue to produce work that is brilliantly humble and outlandishly confident all at the same time.


Since facts of life cannot be disregarded,


and download City Lights!

Also, you can follow Rated-R on his twitter: rlratedrlott


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