Every Action has a Reaction

Sometimes I feel as though one event can become the one event that changes everything. That’s not fair. Things happen, often out of our control, why then must we be the ones to pay for the reactions of others’ actions. I always say:

“I can only control my actions, not the actions of others, nor the reactions that are caused because of them.”

Why must I pay for the actions of another?

One minute I am strolling down this beautiful cobblestone road, allowing the aroma of fantastically bright and fresh daisies to encompass my senses, the cerulean sky dotted with fluffy white clouds, the sun shyly peeking through exploring the possibilities of life and love. The next, the storm of the century lashes about me whilst I stumble and look around for shelter or an umbrella. There was no prediction of rain, definitely none of this magnitude, yet there it was. I walk down the same cobblestone path, fallen branches and leaves withering around me; I did not cause the storm, yet the repercussions and the clean up are mine alone.

My point here is- Sometimes things happen, plans get changed, and things we are dying for are delayed. That is no reason to step back and withdraw yourself. If something or someone is worth it to you, despite the disappointment and hurt, you have to power through. Don’t throw your plans in the garbage and settle for more ‘general ones’ because the plans you separate yourself from…could very well be the hopes, wishes, and dreams of another. Those ‘deadlines’ could mean the world to someone else.

“The most perfect things in life never come easy; you’re constantly tested. If something or someone is worth it though, you never give up.”


4 thoughts on “Every Action has a Reaction

  1. sg says:

    Call it a coincidence, but I swear what you wrote in your post here is EXACTLY how I have been feeling today.

    I must say that I feel better after reading your post, thank you.

    Again, you are an excellent writer. Keep it up !


    • I’m glad you’re feeling much better! I felt better after getting off my chest as well. I’m so happy you enjoy my work! I shall continue writing if you continue reading and commenting!!

      I am forever grateful for your enthusiasm! =)

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