A Cinderella Wish

As I was leaving work today to grab some lunch, I came across a crumpled piece of paper. It wasn’t the sort of paper you feel compelled to pick up due to its soggy and somewhat grimy nature. I fully intended to step over it and continue on my way, but then found myself bending over to pick it up. Boy am I glad I did…what a treasure it turned out to be! Inside this sad little rumpled piece of a paper was a profound and heartfelt wish. The sort of wish all girls have. The sort of wish we all wish happened to us. I can’t put into words what she’s trying to say, so I shall just copy it onto here (minus her name) and hope that, one day, her wish comes true.


Dear Fairy Godmother,

I know I’m supposed to be too old to believe in you, but here I am writing to you anyways. My friends would have a fit if they saw this; they say that fairy godmothers don’t exist. They do however believe in angels. In my opinion, if an angel can exist, so can a fairy godmother. So hah. Moving on, my friends don’t believe in love. They believe in lust; get in, get out, and move on. Love is “too complicated”…too many emotions, too much attachment.

I want love though. Even though they say it’s messy, hard, and not always perfect.

I want a guy that will hold my hand in public, deal with my mood swings, and be my best friend. Why do I always get the guys with the contingencies? The ones with the dark past? The ones too afraid to trust for fear of getting hurt? The ones willing to string me along, but not willing to commit for some obscure reason. I deserve better.

What I’m really wishing for here is for you to help me find the guy that wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him and WANTS the whole world to know that I’m his girl. Please help me find him.


Impatiently yours,



5 thoughts on “A Cinderella Wish

  1. kumar patel says:

    Hello my name Kumar I am from India, I am looking for a lady. Would you like marry me? I smell ok, brush my teeth and wash my hair once a week, because our village only gets water once a week. I am go to high school. I is 30 years and look for lady 18-21. Please let know soon, I need woman soon.

  2. hiten patel says:

    Hello my name Hiten, I is from India. I live with my family and cows. It gets very smelly and no room for me to sleep. I need woman from U.S. to marry so I sleep with good girl in bed. I is 30, I clean bathroom for money I want more so I need a lady who has lots. Must look like model on tv and know doctor for my foot fungus, smells really bad, but I used to it. Thank you Come again.

    • Hello Hiten,

      How much money will you sell me your cows for? Also I need someone to clean my bathroom, will you do it? I will find you a good foot Dr. if you do. I can also find you a model wife if you promise to trade me 5 goats and a chicken. Think about it.

  3. Viren Patel says:

    Hey Shritin, let me just say what another great article. Your work belongs in a museum, they are all masterpieces in my opinion. You are an inspiration to all brown girls out there. Keep doing what you are doing!

    -your #1 fan

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