It’s Really Not That Bad

I had way too much coffee this morning and I think it caused my brain to go into overload. Normally this is a bad thing because I think too much when that happens, but this time, the results were productive. To me at least. When things happen to us, we feel as though we’ll never move on. Never be happy again. Never fall in love again. Never want again. That’s not true. As cliche as it sounds, things will and do get better as long as you’re willing to make an effort. This is for all the people out there making an effort. Just remember…it’s really not that bad.

Dawn of a New Day

Sitting by the window, my emotions continue to grow,

Resentment and longing push and pull tearing me apart.

In the distance I hear the ominous cawing of a crow,

Each piercing shriek stabbing my lonely and aching heart.

Faith I had in the beautiful words you said,

Love and respect I felt just by saying your name.

Desperately believing your promise of forever whilst laying in bed,

Praying for the day we’d be together, the day that never came.

Abandoned and desolate I sit here and stare,

I peer through the window at the life that will never be.

This burden of pain, its weight I cannot bear,

Shakily I stand and resolve to let the hurt go free.

Shedding words and memories with each step that I take,

Gaining the strength I need to walk away from the fray.

Though my heart is wounded, my soul will never break,

Liberation sweeps through me as I look to a new day.


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