Love’s Shenanigans

A cold blast of air brought me back to reality. With trembling hands and a sweat-ridden face, I walked away as fast as I could racing my unshed tears to the finish line. Tripping up the stairs, I stumbled into my room and collapsed onto my bed. Heaving heavy heart broken sobs, I replayed every moment in my mind frame by frame trying to find the exact moment when the reel stopped being cohesive and started to twist and mangle itself.

Does this scene sound familiar to anyone? At one point or another we have all gone through the throes of rejection.

How many of you have spent countless hours Facebook stalking the unfortunate object of your affection? How many flower petals have been horrendously mutilated for the He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not game? How many millions of dollars have been contributed to Haagan Dazs and Ben & Jerrys ice cream for the sake of a broken heart? How many nights have been squandered whilst moping around like Tom Hanks’ character in Sleepless in Seattle? How many of you have sworn off love, gotten a gym membership, and unsuccessfully tried to sweat the unwanted emotions out of your resistant body?

Welcome to the wonderful world of love! Enter here for a roller coaster of emotions, unwanted body fat, unexplainable chest spasms, erratic stalker-like behavior, buckets of salty water spewing from your eye sockets, and…the worst best feeling in the world.

You and I both know that no matter HOW much we all act like “Pffft. Who needs that love thing? It’s just getting in the way of me being successful and focused.” We need it. We want it. We crave it. We’ve all seen Pretty Woman. Richard Gere, the man who has everything, who can buy everything, buys Julia Robert’s services for a few days. He finds out very quickly though, that he can buy sex, but he can’t buy love. That’s right; even the stoic Edward Lewis is not impervious to love and its shenanigans.

What hope is there for us mere mortals then? How can we hope to escape the cloud when the silver lining is so enticing? Stay persistent my friends, and one day, hiding beneath the empty pint cartons of Haagan Dazs, salt soaked flower petals, and gym membership papers harboring that half-eaten double whopper, you shall find the one who makes all of love’s shenanigans worth it.


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