Confused with a capital C

Today I finished re-reading a book that I absolutely adore. My best friend gave it to me along with Fefe Dobson’s first album six years ago, and I have yet to tire of either present. “Born Confused” by Tanuja Desai Hidier is my personal haven. Her characters touch my heart every time and her vivid use of the English language leaves me speechless and in awe. The main character, Dimple, deals with confusion: cultural, personal, and in friendship. While musing over mine and Dimple’s confused state, I came up with the poem below.

Confused Clarity

Muddled emotions running a muck,
Unwanted feelings I wish to pluck.
Chasing ideas around in my head,
Visiting places I wished never to tread.

Thoughts once buried are coming alive,
Forgotten opinions resurface after a long dive.
What is right and what is wrong, I do not know,
The difference, it seems, is all just show.

With unfocused eyes I lay in my bed,
Thinking of all the things people have ever said.
Millions of truths, lies, and dares,
Come to life in a moment so beautiful and rare.

Naiveté stems from what we do not know,
What a novel idea to let the mind flourish and grow.
Stop focusing on thoughts and emotions inside,
And let new feelings and ideas roll in with the tide.

There is no such thing as feeling too much,
But do not use the past as a crutch.
Bring new ideas in, and get rid of the old,
For life, is supposed to be lovely and bold.


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