A Phoenix Rising From the Ashes

There are times when happy chipper music does nothing for the torment or confusion the soul feels. In those moments, I fall to music that perfectly describes the torrent of unspoken emotions inside. I have fallen quite madly in love with Adam Hurst’s haunting music. His mastery of the cello is beyond comprehension. Whilst getting lost in his beautiful harmonies, images of decaying and forgotten places started flashing through my mind. I must have hit replay at least 20-30 times to fully understand the visions. I started in one direction with the first stanza, but by the time I reached the last couplet, my poem had taken a life of its own.  The result is the poem below.

Born Again

Half barren fields whisper stories of struggle,

Charred remains of crops lie in screaming pain.

Blades of forgotten grass trip and stumble,

And buried seeds cry out for just a bit of rain.

Sorrow and fear are loyal companions,

Extinguishing any hope the sun’s rays may bring.

Solace and comfort are brutally shunned,

Promising daily reminders of their constant suffering.

Injustice done to the innocent Eden,

False accusations fanning the serpent‘s flames.

The sinless come against the heathen,

And their faultless virtue bears all the blame.

Heaven’s wily creature gloats shamelessly,

Scoffing at the blind faith below him.

He wanders the garden aimlessly,

Pondering why none have reproached deeds so grim.

Rain begins to drizzle wetting the mouth of the seeds,

It’s pitter patter awakens the blades of grass who turn their faces upwards.

Damaged crops feel the caress of the dripping dewy beads,

And the rejuvenated fields know its prayers have been heard.

A flash of lightning brightens the skies,

And the serpent falls from his shady lair.

Falling into the abyss with his exposed lies,

He is consumed by the flames of this hellish nightmare.

The revitalized fields carelessly bathe in the sunlight,

While pregnant crops burst with the sultry smell of harvest.

Blooms of green grass stand proud and bright,

And spurts of seeds shyly peer through the soil feeling the newest.

Falsely punished and framed;

Born again glorious and proclaimed.


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