Do Souls Have Mates?

All day today I have been mulling at the concept of ‘soul mates’. It’s a pretty vague word if we really stop and think about it for a minute. The general idea is that a soul mate is the person you marry, the one you’re meant to be with, your all and everything. That very well may be the case, but what about those people that are in your everyday life? Can they not be soul mates as well?  Why is the term ‘soul mate’ singular and not plural?

In the wise words of Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers ” A soul mate is one soul’s recognition of it’s counterpart in another.”  Can’t that apply to more than one person? There’s millions, well billions of people in this world, how are we supposed to believe that only ONE person is going to understand us like no one else. I think that out of the hundreds and maybe thousands of people we encounter in our lifetimes, the people that we choose to bring close to our hearts, whether it be friends or family, those people can be our soul mates. Our souls must see something they like for them to want to keep that person close. Right?

My friends and family are people close to my heart and soul. I would not be the person I am today without their guidance, love, and support. Those people are intertwined with my soul because of the roles they have played. I know in my heart that my soul would be incomplete without the presence of my family and friends. Even though I have met hundreds of people in my life so far, it is the constance of these few that has led me to believe in the possibility of soul mates. They are my backbone, the very reason for everything I do and everything I am.

I do think though, that, in the midst of  these soul mates, there will be… is one. He came into my life like an unexpected storm that leaves behind beautiful weather and a soft breezes that tickle the back of my neck. Quite the character, he dispensed with formalities and went straight for my heart with his endearing ways and unique outlook. From there, with an ease that came naturally, he snuck  right into my soul, made himself comfy, and has turned my world upside down since then.

I believe in both soul mates and a soul mate; I am just curious to know why people only believe in the latter and not in the former.  *scratches head*


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