Good ol’ Mr. G.

Sitting here at work I was looking through my Pandora perusing for different artists I could listen to, and I came across Kenny G. Good ol’ Mr. G. His sweet tunes instantly induced a mellow attitude and before I knew it, I was lost in his musical world. Closed eyes, head rested against the cold mahogany table, I fluttered in and out of his magical musical world. The following poem is a result.

Symphony in the Sky

Sitting in an office so boring and bland,

I watch the minutes vanish like grains of sand.

Constant melancholy lurks far and near,

But suddenly, a beautiful melody pries at my ears.

A sound so sweet and pure fills my mind,

A sublime harmony reminds me of the divine.

Soft delicate tones appease my heart,

An approaching crescendo gives my soul a start.

The music soars towards heaven and so do my arms,

Taking me to a place where there is no such thing as harm.

Encompassed by pure bliss, my spirit is free;

Fluttering lazily through heaven gazing down at me.

Slowly the vibrations begin to subside;

I venture to myself in one swift stride.

Blood courses through my veins and I feel revived;

I finally understand what it means to be alive.


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