Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve enjoyed looking at the sky at night. The possibility of millions of stars, galaxies, and worlds just leaves me breathless. When the movie “A Walk to Remember” came out, I hoped so much that one day I’d find a guy that would love me that much and would name a star after me. <<Cute right? I thought so too.

Night Sky

Gentle breezes caress my face,
The warm sun makes me slow my pace.
The rough gravel crunching under my feet;
My heart almost halts and skips a beat.

A house not too far away,
A palace, some would even say.
I simply call it home,
Somewhere that I can roam.

As the day goes and night falls,
I walk from the kitchen through the hall.
Outside the world is so different and new,
And this world contains only a few.

I look up into the sky and what do I see?
So many stars I can hardly believe.
They shower the sky nightly,
Every single star shines so brightly.

Transfixed I stand in that utter beauty,
Not daring to move, for the night sky might risk its tranquility.


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