Smooth Sailing on a Bumpy Road

I think nature has so much to teach us if we’d only take a minute to stop and see. The answers to questions regarding ‘life’s up and downs’ can be conveyed to us simply by the tides of the ocean.


Tides roll in from the ocean,
With it, come all the sorrow and fun.
Every moment we were shunned,
Comes alive with a blazing burn.

The good and bad come alive in front of our eyes,
The obstacles ahead, drain our fate dry.
The pain we felt, makes us cry,
But, eventual happiness lets us fly high.

Life brings a barrel of emotions so true;
It takes  your life and throws it into a stew.
Everything once so concrete, everything you drew,
Hides in your soul where only you wished it grew.

Life has ups and downs,
But like the rolling tides, you must continue and not drown.


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