People Change

Sitting on my bed looking at photographs of a time that seems to exist as a past life, I think to myself…people change. I look at myself and I know I have changed. From a care-free child, naive in every way, refusing to believe that bad existed anywhere, people were not deceitful, relationships did not end, and friends did not leave-to a cautious adult who knows the heartaches of break ups, knows the pain of deserting friends, and has felt first-hand betrayals by those close to her heart.

I know now that the phrase “people are not always what they seem” is so true…but not because people intentionally try to be deceitful, but simply because people change. Over time, we think of someone a certain way, absolutely positive they will not change, but we cannot deny that eventually we all learn more of the world and in turn learn more of ourselves making our ideas, fashions, morals, and ultimately our entire beings change.

Why is it surprising and in a way painful when those close to you change and drift? It should not, obviously people will change as is required..if people did not learn more of the world and change, and their ideals and goals did not change because of it, we would still be a primitive species.

So why is this “change” so difficult for society to grasp? Why do people cause a fuss when those around us change? I think I know why…fear of the unknown. When people change, we can no longer understand them, we no longer know what makes them tick (for lack of better words), and we can no longer assume to know everything about them. It’s a scary thought isn’t it? But I suppose that is part of life is it not? People change.


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