Nature’s art.

Who likes sunsets?! *raises hands* One of nature’s most beautiful sights is a sunset. I mean, they’re gorgeous. It’s like God’s playing a symphony in the sky. Even trying to describe one now leaves me speechless. So without further adieu:

Mixed Perfection

I sit and write of things I know,
I try and let my imagination grow,
But what a pity I must say,
Before I start, I’m captured by the sun’s rays.

Bloody beams pierce my eyes,
Sending sparks of heat that make me jump and cry.
Red’s dark glare makes me shiver inside,
But slowly the colors change in a tide.

Vibrant orange hues warm my heart,
Giving me a feeling I wish never to part.
Its strength dances on my skin,
The beauty of mixing colors erases all my sins.

Soft pastels accentuate the sky,
And I imagine the gates of heaven looming tall and high.
Slowly, yellow unwraps itself like a toy,
And the sight above me fills my body with joy.

Squinting my eyes I gaze into the light,
Wishing forever to be blessed by its might.


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