Forgotten Alleyway

I have a hard time voicing my feelings sometimes, especially when it comes to my friends and the things that upset me. I wrote this once to get a message across to a friend, she read the message hidden in the words, but never fully understood them. Pity.

Paper cut

walking blissfully down the alley you do not see.
you don’t think of the pain you cause,
and you are afraid of the justice that will be.

others’ faith in you will fade;
your time is near dear child.
the world will become the dark hole you made.

no hope for sun.
that ship has long sailed.
you try and hide, but all you can do is run.

looking wildly for a single person that will come,
feeling deserted and abandoned;
those once true to you are dead and mum.

betrayed loyalty comes to life,
and you reap the fruits of your destruction.
should have kept a true friend to end your strife.

you are alone.
no one to come to your aid,
and no friends to keep your path shone.


One thought on “Forgotten Alleyway

  1. Awesome! The selection of words is what i’m falling in love with! What a pity your friend dint work on it. But hey, it just made things clearer for you in knowing that ‘friend’, aint it?

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