Silly Girls

Girls are so obsessed with looking good all the time. The thing is, we’re not even trying to look good for guys…girls work so hard to look good for other girls. From what my guy friends tell me, they prefer women that are natural.  All the plucking, prodding, covering, and smoothing is done to impress other girls. Girls are like peacocks; the fluff their feathers to show how good they are. Why are we like that?

Girls. Girls. Girls.

Girls girls girls. Everyone knows that girls are very conscious of what they look like and what other people think of them. One thing, more than clothing that girls “critique”, is make-up. Girls spend money on make-up like monkeys eat bananas, you can never have TOO much of it.
Boys are always told to never go through a girl’ purse, the question here is, why? I’ll tell you why, if a boy knew HOW much make-up was in a girl’s purse then he would surely never look at her in the same way. A girl’s purse contains an entire shop full of “beautifying” equipment. This is heavy duty stuff, mascara that stays on for 8 hrs, lipstick that won’t smudge or even come off ALL day; makes a guy wonder exactly what a girl might really look like behind the mask.
Now I know there is not a single guy out there that looks at a girl for the first time and thinks, “I wonder what she looks like WITHOUT all that make-up?? Girls do an exquisite job of covering themselves up, because every passing girl seems to be even more beautiful than the last. What to do, make-up for some girls is like a miracle makeover in a bag. Now don’t get me wrong, there are girls out there that are beautiful without any make-up, but they don’t realize that because they try and make themselves look fake. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like looking at people that look like walking Barbie dolls.
The concept of make-up is not anything new however, make-up has been used by some of the most famous women throughout time. Cleopatra used make-up as her weapon; her tantalizing eyes aided her to trap both Julius Caesar and Anthony. Even Queen Elizabeth used lead based make-up to awe her subjects and make them adore their queen even more. The point is, that women can use make-up to get anything that they want; they become unbelievably gorgeous and out of nowhere, everything they ever dreamed of comes to them. Girls take this example and think, “Maybe if I put on a little MORE make-up, I can get everything.” There were slight “setbacks” to their unmatchable beauty however, Queen Elizabeth was driven insane by the lead in her make-up, and Cleopatra’s make-up made “beauty” led to the destruction of two major leaders in Roman history.
When it comes to matters of looking nice, girls get very serious. They like to look nice, but more importantly, they love to look nicer than all the other girls around them. I know all you girls reading this have thought at least ONCE, “Psh, I look WAY better than her.” We all have, even the most modest of us, have thought that we look better than someone, or that our make-up looks better than theirs. Its in the way we girls think; upon meeting another girl, we automatically look at them like competition and our objective is to beat them. At what though, looking good? Putting on better make-up? Come on now, seriously. Girls around potentially prettier girls is like UT and A&M at a football game… it could get very ugly very quickly, and I don’t mean by ugly girls, I mean the situation could get very tense.
If only girls realized that they weren’t that ugly without make-up, we wouldn’t use so much of it. Sadly, it’s a fact of life that we all have to accept, girls wear make-up and therefore hide their real faces behind expensive facades, and with that, hide their true selves and conform to what is today’s Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson.


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