Censored Creativity

Throughout history, society has been built on conformity; creativity has always been monitored and censored. Inventors, artists, writers, etc. have been persecuted for their unique ideas and beliefs. Ironically, those once persecuted are now called the greatest minds in history. Why are people so afraid of innovative ideas?

The poem belows explores the frustration of censored creativity.

Oh How Creative

I try to write something they want to see,
I try to concentrate and set my mind free.
Creativity drains my entire life force,
Yet, I still struggle to find the real source.

Expectations galore to succeed and do well,
Society’s demands make my life hell.
Always being creative at the Man’s hand,
Never being original for fear of being banned.

Restrictions are in every word we hear,
Restrictions make things seem different than they truly appear.
True freedom is a constant lie,
And conformed lies we are forced to believe until we die.


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